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Form 656, Offer In Compromise: What It Is, Who It’s For, and How to Submit an Offer

If the IRS has sent you a tax bill that you cannot afford to pay, you may have heard about Form 656, Offer in Compromise…

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Learn about submitting Form 656 Offer in Compromise if you have tax debt you can't pay, and why it's best to get help from the Tax Relief Helpers

How Much Should I Offer In Compromise To The IRS?

If you have a tax debt you cannot afford to pay, you may have heard that it’s possible to reduce your total tax liability with…

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how much should i offer in compromise to the irs

Can You Buy a House if You Owe Taxes to the IRS? 

If you’re thinking about buying a house, you’ll know that your finances are about to be heavily scrutinized. And if you have outstanding tax debt,…

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Can you Buy a House if You Owe Taxes? read Tax relief helpers blog

1065 Late Filing Penalty and Your Options

There are many requirements when it comes to submitting information to the IRS, and if you neglect to do this properly, you face penalties.  These…

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The image depicts a red ball navigating through a labyrinth, moving in a straight line that breaks through the walls. This serves as a metaphor for finding a way out and symbolizes the process of resolving complex tax issues and penalties. Tax relief helpers

IRS Notice of Intent to Offset: Meaning, Reasons, and What To Do

Receiving a letter from the IRS is always a little scary, especially if you weren’t expecting it and don’t fully understand what it means.  If…

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Have you received a notice of intent to offset? Contact Tax relief Helpers California