IRS Forms

Form 6166: IRS Tax Residency Certificate

If you are a US resident or business who works or does business abroad, taxes can become even more complicated than normal. While it is…

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a close-up of a Form 6621 IRS

Form 656, Offer In Compromise: What It Is, Who It’s For, and How to Submit an Offer

If the IRS has sent you a tax bill that you cannot afford to pay, you may have heard about Form 656, Offer in Compromise…

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Learn about submitting Form 656 Offer in Compromise if you have tax debt you can't pay, and why it's best to get help from the Tax Relief Helpers

IRS Form 8821: What It Is and When to File It

Knowing which IRS forms to use and when is just one of the many challenges people face with their federal taxes. It’s for this reason…

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