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End the overwhelm of frightening tax problems

The IRS wants you to pay the maximum amount – and fast. We want the opposite. We want you to pay less and have more time to pay.

Intimidating letters and calls from the IRS and Tax Collectors strain your nerves

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What are our Tax Resolution Services?

Filing a simple tax return or handling minor tax debt issues is best done by an accountant. On the other hand, we are a full-service tax resolution company with direct lines into the IRS.

We’ll get to the root of your tax debt and patiently explain complex tax problems to you. 

Tax Relief Helpers offers expertise in IRS procedures, tax law, and tactics to protect your assets from undue tax debt collection. Tax Resolution is a general term for the entire selection of our services.

el equipo en una mesa buscando opciones como resolver Problemas Fiscales
papeles y formularios del IRS para la resolución de problemas fiscales

We interface with the IRS to ensure you get a fair deal

You would never think to represent yourself in front of a court with limited knowledge of the legal system or the qualifications to do so. Similarly, your complex tax debt issues merit hiring professionals.

Unfortunately, many people speak directly with the Tax Authorities. They are the ones that never find out they paid more than necessary.

I highly recommend their services...

“I knew I had to face reality and take control, but I didn’t know how. I was spending time I didn’t have trying to reach a human to explain my situation. The letters just kept coming with words I didn’t understand. The IRS forms were too much. THANK YOU, TAX RELIEF HELPERS, for saving me.”
Larry B.

Tax Relief Helpers, your ally in tax matters

Count on our team of qualified enrolled agents, experienced CPAs, and attorneys. We are all available to work on your case as needed. Hire us to interact with the authorities to protect your time, money, and assets:

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Audit Representation

Gathering all the documents to prove yourself in an audit is demanding. Although audits aren’t frequent, they are serious. If you have been singled out, having our experts by your side is the best way to ease the stress.

Wage Garnishments

The authorities sure get your attention when your salary bank balance is less than usual! Plus, there’s the embarrassment of your employer finding out you owe back taxes. (Or your clients find out if you are self-employed). So, hold your head high and solve your tax debts now.

Tax Relief Negotiation

The IRS is hyper-focused on collecting money. Still, you may have special circumstances to keep you from paying immediately. Meanwhile, the penalties and interest are piling up. We have a variety of ways to drop or reduce your tax debt. Read more about some options here – or call us today.

IRS Fresh Start ForgivenessOffer in Compromise Installment Agreements Partial Payment Installment Agreement Currently Not Collectible Penalty Abatement Intent to OffsetTax Identity Theft

Innocent Spouse Relief

Divorcing or becoming widowed is difficult enough. On top of the grief, the added burden of tax problems can be nerve-wracking. Your spouse’s tax debt need not be yours 100%.
We will work hard and lend a sympathetic ear to this common situation.

Tax Mitigating Accounting Services

Sometimes solving your tax debt problem entails corporate tax filing, bank reconciliation, P&L reporting, or entity formation. Certain people, like truck drivers, require special bookkeeping and services. We go the extra mile to cover every detail for your peace of mind.

Control Aggressive Officers

Do you have revenue officers showing up at your neighbor’s house looking for you? Have you had a fair chance to communicate or did you miss a deadline? You could be victim to unfair collection practices by sub-contracted revenue companies. Call us the minute you’re assigned a revenue officer to avoid the upcoming collections hassles.

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