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The TRH Insider Advantage™

We don’t lead you on or waste your time.

Count on big tax savings and peace of mind with our proprietary step-by-step process.

You don’t need to see everything that goes on behind the scenes with our system. But, you will see outstanding results.

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Resolve Tax Trouble

Stop nasty letters, wage garnishments, debts, and audits with our Tax Resolution Services. Our team deals with the IRS and State tax authorities for you.

Tax Debt Help

The end of your tax debt is closer than you think. Our Tax Debt Relief department applies for the perfect payment program for your financial situation.


Keep the tax authorities satisfied with excellent bookkeeping, tax filing and reporting. Our certified CPAs are at your service. We also specialize in LLC Formation.

Take control. End the frustration. Spend time on other things.

I received multiple letters from the IRS. I called Tax Relief Helpers. With patience, they explained and answered all my questions. They were able to settle my Tax debt and relieved the stress I've been feeling for years. I recommended a few friends from out of state to them. They made the process is simple and easy. I'd like to thank Tax Relief Helpers for this.
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Lawrence W.

The TRH Insider Advantage™

You are not alone. You have our team and a proven process to solve your tax debt. All our licensed lawyers, CPAs, and federally authorized tax advisors stand behind you.


Private Consultation

At our expense. 


Tax Debt Report

Similar to a credit report, we see what they see.


Insider Phone Line to the IRS

Leverage our know-how and connections.


We Build Your Case

Save time, endless back & forth, and paperwork.



We are tough. Even our competitors hire us.


Tax Problem Solved!

Get answers now 24/7

Maximize Your Tax Savings with Our Expert Team of Professionals

The most important thing you should know about us is that we care.


We answer the phone – always.

Our big team of qualified professionals covers all aspects of your case.

The proven TRH Insider Advantage™ system provides rapid results.

A desire to protect your rights and your assets is the foundation of our hard work.

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Words From Our Staff


“I realize that any debt owed to the IRS is incredibly stressful, and that is why I take pride in the work we do to bring people peace of mind. The team we have assembled here is the very best in the business, and nothing makes us happier than to improve our clients’ lives.”

Resolving over 7600 cases since 2014

Jordan, Tax Attorney


“I care about the satisfaction of our clients. I always go out of my way to be friendly, compassionate and empathetic. Dealing with the IRS can be very stressful and I want our clients to feel at ease and have one less thing to worry about knowing that we are diligently working to resolve their tax issues.”

Over 5 years serving more than 5700 clients

Christine, Customer Service/Resolution Manager


“Knowing that I truly helped alleviate someone from stressful days by resolving their tax issues is one of the most rewarding parts of the job. The biggest satisfaction in helping my clients is getting the job done after they had doubt or had lost all hope AND hearing them acknowledge it, is the icing on the cake.”

Millions saved for over 13,600 clients in 17 years

Neyla, Enrolled Agent


“Knowing that my clients feel confident in me to help them file their taxes year after year is why I love my job. It feels like they can rely on me to work with them and help make their situations smoother. I feel like I’m making a difference in their lives with each return.”

7 years experience helping over 700 clients yearly

Monica, Tax Prep Team

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  • What is a Free Private Consultation?

    This is a free 10-20 minute call where we listen to your issue, determine if we are the right firm to help you, and give you the next steps we will take together to solve your tax dispute. This call is on us – there is no obligation.

  • Are all our conversations confidential?

    Yes. Our privacy policy protects you and our communications with you.

  • Can I still call you if I don’t know how much I owe or understand why the authorities are contacting me?

    Yes. We can help you find out what you owe or if you are due a refund. You are not alone in being confused by the tax collections process and the big words the tax collectors use. We simplify the process for you.

  • How is Tax Relief Helpers different from other tax resolution companies?

    • We don’t charge you upfront fees or ask you to subscribe or charge for services you don’t need.
    • We have a highly experienced licensed, and qualified team of 100 employees to resolve your tax worries. Even our competitors subcontract us for challenging cases.
    • We have access to all the information the authorities already have about you, so we can build a strong case with insider info.
    • We don’t cut corners to increase our margin. You get a qualified team of 100 employees to resolve your tax worries.
    • We listen and work with the facts. We will present the tax solution that will save you the most money.
  • What are Tax Relief Helpers’ fees?

    You will get a personalized estimate with an estimated time frame to set your expectations. We will communicate clearly how much you can expect to pay. Every case is different. We assign the right qualified team members as needed. We save you a significant percentage (up to 95%) of what you owe. We also relieve your stress when dealing with the authorities. So it’s not surprising that clients pay our fees happily.

  • What can Tax Relief Helpers do for me, exactly?

    We interface with the tax authorities for you and lower your tax debt. We are experts in tax resolution that save you valuable time. We negotiate on your behalf, so you don’t pay more taxes, penalties, and interest than you must, given your unique circumstances. Please take a look at our overview of services here.

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