Eligibility for Currently Non-Collectable Status

Pause Your Tax Debt with Not Collectible Status

Get out from under all the paperwork and stop worrying. If you can’t pay, you can’t pay.

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Are you wondering what it takes to get Not Collectible Status?

We’re glad you found us! You probably get many threatening letters and continuous phone calls from the IRS.

If you can’t make more income to pay your basic living expenses because you earn a pension or are disabled – we can help you.

Currently Not Collectible (CNC) is a status assigned to your case that lets the authorities know to stop their collection efforts with you.

If you meet the guidelines, CNC status stops your tax debt until you can begin to pay what you owe.

  • Put an end to aggressive tax collection phone calls.

You know their calls are a waste of their time. You try and try to explain your situation when they call. The IRS collections employees are just doing their job.

What you need is help with all the complicated forms, questions, and deadlines.

We will present your options – including Non-Collectable status, if you qualify.

  • Your credit report won’t look worse.

With Currently Not Collectible status, even if the IRS puts a lien on your assets, it won’t show on your credit report. Since 2018, liens still show in the public record but not on your report. If it does, it can be removed.

  • Ten years is the limit.

With the Currently Not Collectible status, you get the time you need to get your financial affairs in order.

Then, if after ten years you are still unable to make ends meet with no way to earn more income, the law says that you can be set free from tax debt (sometimes).

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Is Not Collectible status a miracle?

No. You still owe your taxes – and the penalties and interest keep increasing over time! So, while you can get a breather from the stress, the debt is actually getting worse.

As soon as your financial situation improves, we can help to negotiate a realistic payment plan for you.

Please, help us to help you

As with all our services, the more detailed financial information you give us, the better. We’ll use this information to find all the different tax debt relief solutions you might be eligible for.

This information also helps to present a solid case to the tax authorities. 

  • Our experts will clearly explain what information we’ll need to start our work.
  • Organize, track, and file your expenses for 90 days.
  • Your income details.
  • Know what your assets, like your car, property, and investments, are worth.

From your very first Private Consultation, we will tell you if Currently Not Collectible status is a possibility for you.

We won’t give you false hopes or keep you waiting for two weeks for an answer regarding your chance for CNC status. That’s a promise.

Get the tax debt relief you need.

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  • When to file Currently Not Collectible status?

    Suppose you are unable to pay your basic living expenses AND your taxes. In that case, your account with the IRS will be assigned a status called Currently Not Collectible or CNC. 

  • When on Currently Not Collectible can you get a lien or levy?

    With Currently Non (not) Collectible or CNC status, your assets are protected since you cannot pay for your basic living costs. Therefore, the IRS will not be able to seize your assets or income (levy).

    However, the IRS can file a lien (a claim by the government to secure payment). Notice of Federal Tax Lien (NFTL) is attached to all your assets and is only erased once you pay your debt. A lien also affects your credit score.

  • How long does Not Collectible status last?

    You have between 6 months and two years to get organized. In return, the IRS will not bother you during this time. However, as soon as you are ready to resume payments, your CNC status is lifted, and you must adhere to a plan to pay back your debt. Nevertheless, if you cannot pay your basic living expenses, the CNC status can continue forever if you qualify.