IRS Identity Theft

Is the tax bill yours to pay?

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IRS debt suddenly appeared out of nowhere

They say you have to pay – or else. Don’t give up. Our Tax Relief Helpers are here for you.

Take the stress out of dealing with debt IRS identity theft

You are probably very busy being a responsible citizen that doesn’t have time to deal with such a big problem. Our identity theft team will hand-hold you through erasing this unfair tax debt.

You will save time and frustration knowing that experts are solving your case.

You need to act fast

The only thing the government knows is that you owe them money. It is up to you to prove that there is a mistake.

Once we turn in all the correct forms and supporting documents on time, it can still take several months to put the IRS identity theft behind you.

Take the warning signs seriously

Don’t ignore letters claiming you owe taxes. Even if you have filed on time and received a refund check, this is a clear sign something is wrong. On the flip side, if you know your refund should have arrived by now, someone else could be cashing in your money.

Another signal is that you can’t e-file your return due to a social security number duplicate.

How did somebody steal your identity anyway?

There are an endless number of scams to obtain your personal information.

  • Rummaging through your garbage bin
  • Send you an email (phishing)
  • Fake a customer service phone call
  • Make a duplicate of a website
  • Steal your wallet
  • Access business or medical files

What can a thief get with your identity?

Someone might use your social security number and personal details to:

  • Secure employment
  • Open up lines of credit
  • Sign-up for Utilities
  • Get a telephone
  • Commit crime
  • Buy stuff
  • Steal your tax refund
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  • How long after identity verification will I get my refund?

    Once you have proven to the IRS that you are really you, your refund will undergo standard processing times – around 21 days. However, fixing your identity theft problem can take months before the IRS confirms your identity!

  • How to get my identity theft pin number from IRS

    Do you need identity protection? You can ask for an Identity Theft Pin via Once you enter your personal information, your pin will be valid for the tax year, and if you misplace it, you can retrieve it using the same URL. We suggest using this system every year and opting in to do this when asked.