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The IRS Fresh Start Program Explained

The IRS Fresh Start Program is actually 3 different schemes to collect your tax debt.

Each scheme has different requirements and paperwork that needs to get done.

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Forgiveness for those who keep their promises

The IRS Fresh Start Program is for people who have properly filed their current and back taxes.

You need to commit to paying on time.

The important thing is that you intend to pay your debt – and that this is the first time you need tax relief help. If you are unemployed for over 30 days, you might avoid penalties altogether and get an extension on filing time too.

There are some basics to qualify

It doesn’t matter if you are an individual or a corporate taxpayer. In general, to qualify, you need a tax debt of less than $50,000 and a 25% drop in your net income.

If you are an individual taxpayer, you must earn less than $100,000.

Easy Payments

There are a few different payment arrangements available under this program. For example, some schemes allow you to conveniently spread your payment over 6 years or have a direct debit withdrawn monthly.

Sometimes, you can come to an arrangement and pay less than the original debt.

Don’t let the financial fallout get worse.

Depending on your income, the value of your liquid assets, and your personal circumstances, the IRS needs your application for the program immediately.

Each day that goes by increases the interest you owe on your debt or the risk of having your assets seized.

There are heavy penalties for not paying your taxes.

Discover the 3 schemes of the IRS Fresh Start Program

If you still want more details about the 3 schemes under the IRS Fresh Start Program, keep exploring with the links below.

Nevertheless, these things can get technical. Just know that all you need to do now is give us a call. We are your Tax Relief Helpers – leave it to us!

These are the 3 payment schemes available through the IRS Fresh Start Program:

  1. Offer in Compromise (OIC)
  2. Tax Lien Withdrawal
  3. Extended Installment Agreement
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  • What is the Fresh Start Program?

    In 2011, the Federal Government clamped down on the IRS to relieve taxpayers from tough stances that compounded interest and penalties. Unfortunately, their rigorous methods made tax debt very hard to pay off. The Fresh Start Program, or the Fresh Start Initiative, aims to provide tax relief and simplify tax debt repayment.

  • Who qualifies for IRS Fresh Start Program?

    Business Owners can qualify if they:

    • Owe less than $25,000 and can pay within 34 months
    • Are current with federal tax and employment tax filings
    • Meet other requirements that Tax Relief Helpers can determine for you.

    People qualify for the program if they:

    • Have less than $50,000 in IRS debt 
    • Can pay the debt in less than 5 years
    • Have never been late paying IRS tax
    • Are in good standing with the IRS
    • Can set up a direct payment method
    • Agree to follow the installment payment plan
    • Have an Offer in Compromise and pay within the year
    • Are unemployed, they can ask for 6 months to delay payment