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  • Does Tax Relief Helpers operate in all 45+ states?

    We are a nationwide, operating in 45+ states tax resolution company that can help you with your IRS and State Tax concerns.

  • What do you charge for your tax relief services?

    Each case is unique, but we will give you a quote for your case. We never charge you if we can’t help you. The consultation is free and the cost starts as low as $100 a month.

  • Who is Tax Relief Helpers?

    Please see our About Us page. But, to sum it up, we have over 90 employees. The enrolled agents, friendly qualified tax associates, CPAs, tax lawyers, and other back office support staff are all on your team when you hire us.

  • How do I know you are the right tax resolution company to help me?

    ✔ We have excellent licensed tax lawyers and certified tax professionals.
    ✔ Our competition contracts us for complex cases to get the job done.
    ✔ We’re honest. We only charge and work with you if we can help.
    ✔ Our founders have over 75+ years of combined experience between them.
    ✔ We have seen it all when it comes to tax debt.
    ✔ We understand your stress and want to protect you.
    ✔ We save our clients millions of dollars in tax debt every year.