Handling Your First-Time Tax Penalty Abatement Request

Sometimes, it just takes a good reason not to pay

Don’t worry. We will explain your problem to the IRS for you. It’s time for you to get a break.

Find Out If You Qualify

Is this the first time you forgot to file your taxes?

If you’ve been late with your taxes and worry about penalties, we’ll determine if you are eligible to pay less (abatement).

Our team of tax professionals will handle the bureaucracy on your behalf – so that means no more stressing about paperwork or deadlines.

  • It takes a dramatic reason.

If you usually pay your taxes on time but have experienced a difficult life circumstance that complicated your tax filing last year, a Tax Penalty Abatement might be a solution.

We know what the IRS considers “reasonable cause.”

We also know when it makes sense to appeal if you get rejected.

  • We determine eligibility quickly which saves you interest.

We also explain the penalty abatement process step-by-step. Our team of experts will determine if you are eligible swiftly because we don’t want interest to add up on you.

  • The IRS isn’t perfect.

Did you get faulty advice from an official government tax agency, delay your return, or make a mistake? When this happens, avoid unfair penalties.

We will help you prove it.

Contact Us. We want to help!

Good taxpayers benefit

A good payment history with the authorities helps make your case for tax penalty abatement.

Up-to-date tax payments and no outstanding penalties improve your chances.

Even if this isn’t your first tax penalty abatement request, you still might have enough “reasonable cause.”

Have you already paid a penalty?

Call us, anyway.

We have reversed penalties for people who paid their tax penalty despite an unfortunate dramatic circumstance.

Avoid fighting with a computer

The IRS introduced software that spits out First-time Tax Abatement (FTA) decisions, called RCA (Reasonable Cause Assistant).

Needless to say, this software assists the IRS more than it assists YOU!

When you call us, you will speak to a caring human.

  • Don’t leave this important process to a computer.
  • Call today for a private consultation at our expense.
  • We have a team of certified agents, customer support specialists, forensic accountants, and financial analysts ready to work on your case.
  • We won’t lead you on. If you don’t have a strong case, we won’t waste your time or money.
Help me fight unfair tax penalties

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  • What is Penalty Abatement?

    Under certain circumstances, the IRS will waive penalties on your tax debt. For individuals and businesses, the most common is called a First Time Abate or IRS One Time Forgiveness. First Time Abate falls under the category of “administrative waiver.” From time to time, the tax authorities will announce other available administrative waivers in official communications.

  • What is a good reasonable cause for IRS Penalty Abatement?

    Riots, hurricanes, earthquakes, and fires are common reasons people can not afford a penalty. Personal circumstances, such as disability, death, or illness by you or your immediate family, can also sometimes qualify. Also, if you prove the system went down and delayed your payment, your late payment penalty can be erased.

  • How to request first-time penalty abatement

    Use Form 843 to request forgiveness of certain taxes, fees, interest, and penalties. However, Tax Relief Helpers will guide you on the supporting documentation and save you time if you are eligible.