Tax Consequences

Tips to Stop Wage Garnishment Immediately

Wage garnishment is a stressful experience faced by many individuals encountering tax debt. When you do not pay your tax debts, the IRS can take…

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A person holding a broken chain symbolizing liberation from wage garnishment. Tax relief helpers USA

What Happens if the IRS Sends You to Collections?

If you can’t afford to pay your tax bill, it might be tempting to ignore it in the hopes that it will just go away.…

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IRS collections process for unpaid taxes - Tax Relief helpers

Understanding Tax Consequences of Debt Settlement

Tax debts and standard debts are two very different things. However, they are also inextricably linked… If you’re struggling with debts from credit cards, loans,…

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Tax Consequences of Debt Settlement: a man with his head over a table suffering from stress

How Does the IRS Fresh Start Program Work?

If you have tax debt you’re unable to pay, you may be worried that the penalties, interest charges, and other threats facing you from the…

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how does the irs fresh start program work?